“In The Heights” Comes to Cranford

Washington Heights isn’t very far from Cranford as far as distance is concerned. A trip over the George Washington Bridge or taking a train to New York and then an uptown subway will get you there in about an hour. Culturally, however, it’s far removed.

This month, the Cranford Dramatic Club will be presenting the musical that first brought Lin-Manuel Miranda to the attention of many. Several cast members (Jose Figueroa/Kevin Rosario, Dania Agüero Davie/Camila Rosario, Gail Cevallos/Nina Rosario, and Karina Muñoz/Abuela Claudia) along with director Edgar Hidalgo, chatted with Cranford Radio about the show and how the story and characters resonate with them.

Listen to podcast

Purchase tickets

Cast of “In The Heights”

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