Cranford Radio Headlines for Week of March 27

We’ll bring you up to date with the latest COVID-19 news from Cranford. One way you can safely still leave the house is to go for a walk or bike ride (with appropriate social distancing). Unfortunately, the weekend forecast doesn’t look all that promising.

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Chef Kara Decker Returns to 100 Steps

If you love food, the name Kara Decker may be familiar. She first came to prominence in Cranford shortly after A Toute Heure opened at the corner of Centennial Avenue and Elm Street in 2007. She was also key to the opening of 100 Steps Kitchen + Raw Bar in 2013, serving as the restaurant’s first executive chef for then owners Andrea and Jim Carbine. The current owner of 100 Steps, Jack Tagmouti, has brought Kara back and Cranford Radio spoke with her about her return.

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Kara Decker

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