Cranford’s Downtown Manager Talks About Downtown’s Future

Downtown Cranford has been a model other downtowns have looked to as they transform their business centers. Last year Gabe Bailer took on the task of maintaining and advancing Cranford’s retail center and he talked with Cranford Radio about how he intends to do that.

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Gabe Bailer

Skip Winter Presented with Martin Luther King Award

For 39-years the Cranford Clergy Council and the Interfaith Human Relations Committee have recognized individuals and organizations who have worked to foster better relations among all people. On January 16 at St. Michael Church, Skip Winter was presented with the honor. Afterward he spoke with Cranford Radio.

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Skip Winter

Cranford Honorary PBA Has Police Officers’ Backs

The Cranford Police Department is there to respond to all sorts of emergencies but who is there to help the police officers when they need assistance? One group that stands at the ready is the Cranford Honorary PBA Local 52. The group was created by retired CPD police officer Paul Cymbaluk, who serves as the organization’s president. He spoke with Cranford Radio to tell us about the organization.

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Cranford Honorary PBA

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Paul Cymbaluk