Cranford Radio Headlines for the Week of July 23

A veteran Cranford police officer is headed to retirement and a group of ethnic restaurants downtown get noticed by a statewide food site. Hear more on those stories along with a check of what’s happening this weekend in Cranford Radio headlines.

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The Hispanic Theater Festival Presents La Casita Feliz at Cranford Dramatic Club

After missing a year due to COVID, the Hispanic Theater Festival returns to the Cranford Dramatic Club this year with a production of La Casita Feliz. The comedy, which is all in Spanish, features several Cranford performers. 

Cranford Radio spoke with the the director, Joel Redmount, and Patricia MacLean, a Cranford resident who is mother of two of the play’s actors, to learn a bit more about the show.

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Cast of La Casita Feliz Front Row L-R: Aryana Nautiyal MacLean; Miriam Serna; Back Row L-R: Claudia Tinageros; Robert Asencio; Nikhil Nautiyal MacLean; Millie Cortes; Valentina Zubrinic