Cranford Area Chamber of Commerce Member Profile: We Leash the Hounds

What do you do if your job keeps you out of the house for eight hours of the day, or more, and you have a dog that needs some exercise and a potty break while you’re gone? If you live in the Cranford area, We Leash the Hounds is here to help. The business is owned by Morgan Jenkins and Ryan Yorke. In this Cranford Area Chamber of Commerce member profile we sat down at the Downtown Family Restaurant to talk about the business and their love of dogs.

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Ryan Yorke & Morgan Jenkins


Geddy Warner is Bridging Musical Genres

If you had to pick two musical sounds that are more different, you’d have a hard time topping metal and opera. Cranford High School grad, Geddy Warner, is doing just that. In this Cranford Radio interview the NYU Steinhardt School junior talks about his upcoming opera performance┬áin France and his local metal band, No Kings Among Wolves.

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Geddy Warner