Raritan Valley Rail Coalition Holds Open House in Cranford

Elected officials, representatives of New Jersey Transit, and residents along the Raritan Valley Line attended an open house Monday evening of the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition.

Listen to report on Cranford Radio


Tom Jardin

Peter Palmer

Interviews with Democratic and Republican Candidates for 7th Congressional District

Voters around the US will be going to the polls on Tuesday, November 4 to cast ballots. The entire House of Representatives is up for election and here in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional DistrictJanice Kovach is representing the Democrats and Leonard Lance is running for re-election as a Republican.

Here’s an interview with the candidates that was done at Cranford’s TV 35 on October 15 by Cranford Radio’s Bernie Wagenblast.

The interview with Mayor Kovach is first. The interview with Congressman Lance begins at the 37:10 mark.

Link to interviews


Leonard Lance


Janice Kovach