Cranford Radio Headlines for Week of May 31

May wraps-up with the routing of the 69 kV power lines through town still being examined and I think it’s safe to say drought is not a big concern for the Cranford area. Speaking of rain, it again is a possibility for a portion of the weekend. Catch up on the week’s news, events and weather with this edition of Cranford Radio headlines.

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PSE&G Information Session on 69k Volt Power Lines

On May 8th, PSE&G held a public information meeting at the Cranford Community Center on their proposal to construct a 69,000 volt power line which will run along a number of Cranford streets. Rebecca Mazarella, a spokesperson for the company, was interviewed by TV35 about the project. PSE&G limited the questions to those addressed in the FAQ document about the project. In addition to the interview with PSE&G, several Cranford residents also spoke with us.

Watch TV35 interview

PSE&G Project Information Page

Phone number for additional information: 1-800-901-5035

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Holocaust Survivor Mollie Sperling Shares Her Memories

Cranford’s 8th annual Holocaust Day of Remembrance will take place on Monday, May 6th at Hillside Avenue School starting at 7:30 pm. Those attending will hear from Mollie Sperling. Mrs. Sperling, and her husband Henry, are two of a ever decreasing number of survivors of the Holocaust. They lived in Cranford for a number of years and are members of Temple Beth El Mekor Chayim.

Cranford Radio spent some time with Mrs. Sperling in her home to hear her amazing story.

Mollie Sperling’s memories of the Holocaust

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Mollie Sperling