Cranford Resident Named VFW State Commander

Jay Boxwell Jr. had no idea his enlistment in the US Navy would one day lead to being the State Commander for Department of New Jersey Veterans of Foreign Wars. Boxwell took on the role in June and will serve for a year. In this Cranford Radio podcast he talks about his military and VFW experiences.

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Jay Boxwell Jr.

Cranford Public Library Plans New Services

There are thousands of books inside the Cranford Public Library on Walnut Avenue but, under a new program coming this year, those books will represent only a fraction of the materials that will be easily available to library patrons. Library Director Michael Maziekien and Head of Reference Services Marissa Lieberman tell us more about the new service as well as other activities taking place. We also discuss some of the changes COVID has brought and how the library might be helping you grow your garden.

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Michael Maziekien
Marissa Lieberman

Talking Photos on the Radio

We’re surrounded by beautiful images but often we take them for granted or don’t notice them. Frank Little, a Cranford photographer, sees many of the same things we pass daily but with a lot of hard work, a bit of luck, and an artist’s eye, he’s able to create beautiful pictures.

Frank’s photos often combine the man-made with celestial spheres and his work has brought him notice far beyond Cranford’s borders. In this week’s Cranford Radio podcast we talk with Frank about his work, how he had his start and get a glimpse into how he creates his magnificent images.

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Frank Little documentary

Frank Little

Pride Shirt Designed by Cranford 7th Grader

Lucy Young, a seventh grade student at Hillside Avenue School, may not go into clothes design when she’s older, but right now her Cranford Pride shirt is being seen around town as Cranford and the nation mark Pride Month. Lucy talked to Cranford Radio about what prompted her to make the design and how funds raised by its sale will benefit The Trevor Project.

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Lucy Young

The Cranford 86 Project

Memorial Day is about much more than backyard barbecues, the first shore weekend or the unofficial start of summer. It’s a day to remember those who gave their lives in service to our nation during its many conflicts.

There have been 86 Cranford men who have died during those wars and Don Sweeney started a project to tell the story of each of those individuals so that their legacy is remembered for generations to come.

In this week’s Cranford Radio podcast, Don talks about the Cranford 86 Project, how it got started and some of the challenges he and his partners have faced in telling those stories. 

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Don Sweeney

Cranford Postmaster Shares What Goes on Behind the Scenes

For many of us, our interactions with the United States Postal Service go no further than mailing a letter, buying stamps and looking through our daily deliveries. There’s a lot more though that has to happen for that card you send to get to where it’s going. 

Walidah Ali is the Cranford Postmaster and she’s responsible for those first steps in sending your mail when it’s dropped off in town and the final steps before it lands in your mailbox. She tells us a bit more about what happens before and after.

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Walidah Ali

Unique Cranford Business Opens Its Doors

These days most of us are more aware of how our actions can impact the planet. One area this is especially true is when it comes to the products we buy. Even though we may dutifully toss our used plastic containers in the recycling bin, 2018 data from the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that less than nine percent of plastics are recycled.

One solution is to reuse the containers which hold some of the products we buy. Labo Refillery opened at 11 Walnut Avenue on April 22, Earth Day, and they allow you to refill containers with a variety of products, such as soaps and lotions, that you can use again and again.

Cranford Radio spoke with the co-owners of the store, Joseph Fule and Meliza Veneracion-Fule to learn more about the business.

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Joseph Fule and Meliza Veneracion-Fule

Lisa Carbone: Cranford Business Owner & Board of Education Vice President

I don’t believe we have any millinery shops in Cranford, but if we did this week’s guest would probably keep them busy with all the hats she wears. Lisa Carbone co-owns TimberRidge Construction with her husband Anthony. She also runs Loft Homes and is in her eighth year serving on the Cranford Board of Education, currently as vice president.

We chat about each of those roles as well as learning a bit more about her background and what she did before taking on those responsibilities.

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Lisa Carbone

Cranford Police Department Marks 125th Anniversary

Just as the township concluded its 150th anniversary, the Cranford Police Department started to celebrate its 125th year. From the humble beginnings of the volunteer Cranford Thief Detecting Society to today’s professional force, there have been great changes.

In this episode we’re joined by Bob Segear, a retired police officer who served from 1974 to 2004, and Lieutenant Matthew Nazzaro. Bob discusses how the department evolved and Matt talks about what the CPD is doing in 2022 to mark the milestone.

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Link to 125th anniversary brick purchase

Lt. Matthew Nazzaro
Bob Segear