Woodmont Station at Cranford

In recent years the new housing stock in Cranford has transitioned from mostly single-family homes to multi-unit buildings. The latest to open is Woodmont Station at Cranford at 555 South Avenue, East. Steve Santola is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Woodmont Properties, which owns the complex. Cranford Radio spoke with him and asked him to give us some background on the project.

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Stephen A. Santola, Esq.

‘Night of Hope’ at Cranford’s Harvest Training Center with Mike Palombi

On June 5 Harvest Training Center in Cranford will host ‘A Night of Hope‘ with Mike Palombi as the keynote speaker. The free event will offer outreach to to those suffering from any type of life-controlling substances and/or circumstances.

Mike’s story is more than just the usual ups and downs of life and includes time spent in prison. He’ll share his story and more but Cranford Radio had an opportunity to get a preview and we started off by talking about Mike’s early years growing up in New Brunswick.

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Mike Palombi

Cranford Dramatic Club to Present “How to Succeed in Business”

The CDC‘s season is coming to an close with the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” Cranford Radio talked with both the director, Jeffrey Fiorello and the two leads, Emily Greenberg and Shane Long, to learn a bit more about the production.

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Jeffrey Fiorello (Director)

Shane Long (J. Pierrepont Finch) and Emily Greenberg (Rosemary Pilkington)