Dreyer Farms – A Cranford Treasure

Back in 1904, when Gustav and Henry Dreyer purchased their Cranford farmland, there were still quite a few farms around Union County. Today, Dreyer Farms is the last remaining farm in the county and a popular spot for not just vegetables, but a variety of foods, plants and more. One of the most popular programs at the farm is the CSA. Cranford Radio spoke with Dawn Salerno, who runs the CSA program and is involved with many aspects of the business.

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Dawn Salerno

Dawn Salerno

Partner Businesses

Shining Stars to Perform April 15

For the past five years, special needs students in Cranford have presented a night of music, dancing, singing and more. The performance will be on Friday, April 15 at Cranford High School starting at 7:15. This year’s show has a Disney theme. Beth Wolfe is one of the organizers.

Less than a week before the program, James Brown-Orleans,  who appears as Banzai in the Broadway production of The Lion King, stopped by at a rehearsal to offer some advice to the performers and to get a preview.

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Beth Wolfe


James Brown-Orleans


American Idiot to Hit Cranford Dramatic Club Stage in February

Usually albums are created after a play is written. In the case of American Idiot, the album preceded the play. Green Day‘s album was their seventh and tells a story through its songs. The album won a Grammy Award in 2005 and inspired a Broadway musical. The Cranford Dramatic Club is taking on the unusual production which is nearly 100% music.

As the cast and crew prepare for the musical’s debut on February 12, Cranford Radio had the opportunity to speak with three of the leads, Ali Gleason (Whatsername), Bill Geltzeiler (Johnny) and Ben Simons (Will), as well as the director/choreographer Megan Ferentinos. We began by getting an overview of the play from Megan.

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American Idiot Cast

Kids Take the Stage in Rapunzarella White

Each season the Cranford Dramatic Club puts on a children’s show and this year’s production is Rapunazrella White. Cranford Radio had the opportunity to speak with four of the participants, director Anita Esteve, Marlo Avidon (Snow White), Adena Weisholtz (Queen Rhoda) and Joel Redmont (Herschel, the Dwarf). We started off asking Anita to tell us a bit about the play.

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Union County Transportation Master Plan

An open house was held Monday evening in the Cranford Community Center, to get public input on the Union County Transportation Master Plan. Maps outlining transportation corridors throughout the county were displayed and citizens were invited to offer suggestions on how transportation could be improved. William Reyes, the Deputy County Manager and the Director of Economic Development for the county talked to Cranford Radio‘s Bernie Wagenblast about the event.

Union County Transportation Survey

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              William Reyes, Jr.                                Deputy County Manager/ Director of Economic Development