Cranford’s Jack the Ripper?

Did Jack the Ripper once live in Cranford? A real 19th century murder led some to ask that question. The case was largely forgotten by the 21st century but author Luke Jerod Kummer took a fresh look at it in a work of historical fiction he wrote for an Audible Original audiobook, Takers Mad

In this Cranford Radio interview we talk about some of the interesting facts he uncovered and how present day Cranford folks helped him to see what the town was like in the early 1900s.

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Luke Jerod Kummer

Author Robyn Gigl To Launch Book In Cranford

The Cranford Unity Project and the Cranford Public Library will be hosting an appearance by New Jersey author Robyn Gigl on Saturday, February 5 at 2 pm in the Cranford Community Center (rescheduled from January 29 due to snow). Gigl will be speaking about the two books she has authored, By Way of Sorrow and Survivor’s Guilt.

Registration is required to attend. Signed copies of Robyn’s two books will be available for purchase courtesy of Here’s The Story, owned by Joe Leo of Cranford. 

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Robyn Gigl