Trinity Episcopal Church Closes Out 150th Anniversary Year

Since 1875, Trinity Episcopal Church has been a landmark on the corner of North and Forest avenues in Cranford. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the parish. Tom Kaercher is the junior warden of the church and its unofficial historian. He joins me to talk about the church’s history and some of the interesting stories from its century and a half existence.

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Tom Kaercher


Current Building

Cranford Toy Inventor Gets Ready To Roll Out His Latest Creation

When you’re a kid, there are few things more exciting than getting a new toy. When you’re an adult, the toys get to be a bit more sophisticated and expensive. But what if you’re an adult who creates new toys for kids to play with?

Robert Schott is just such a person and he joins Cranford Radio to talk about SprawlyWalls. Learn about the toy and how it came to be in this week’s episode.

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Robert Schott

What’s Happening at the Cranford Recreation & Parks Department

Commissioner Gina Black and Steve Robertazzi, Director of Recreation and Parks, join us on a joint production of TV35 and Cranford Radio. We take a look back at the summer playground season and a look ahead at the fall plans. We’ll also chat about the new recreation building at 375 Centennial Avenue and how residents can get involved.

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Gina Black

Steve Robertazzi

Cranford Dramatic Club Kicks Off New Season with Once on This Island

This is opening weekend for the musical, Once on This Island at the Cranford Dramatic Club. The show is based on The Little Mermaid but takes place on a Caribbean island.

We’re joined on this episode by Roxie Billups (TiMoune), Karen Carratura (Asaka), Jordan Owens (Agwe), Tiffany Johnson (Erzulie), David Rivera, Jr. (Papa Ge) and the director, Howard Whitmore.

The show runs on weekends through October 22 and tickets can be purchased online.

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