Cranford’s Moments in the Spotlight

Far From HeavenThe Plot Against America, a Super Bowl TV commercial. What do they all have in common? All had scenes shot in Cranford. The town is frequently showcased in movies, TV shows and commercials. What is it about Cranford that’s attractive to the creative people behind these productions? Listen as Cranford Radio talks to David W. Schoner, Jr., the Associate Director of the New Jersey Motion Picture and TV Commission.

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David W. Schoner, Jr.

Cranford’s Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee

Cranford has dozens of volunteer committees that deal with everything from sewage to golf. One such committee is the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee. Anthony Durante is the committee’s chair and he chatted with Cranford Radio about the group’s purpose and what they’re currently working on.

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Anthony Durante

Cranford Township Administrator Jamie Cryan

The township administrator’s role is similar to the chief operating officer’s responsibilities in the business world. Jamie Cryan has been Cranford’s Township Administrator since January 2019. 

In this week’s Cranford Radio podcast he talks about why he decided to work in the public sector, how his previous jobs in West New York, New Jersey led to his current position and what’s involved in the position.

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Jamie Cryan, CPM