Cranford First Aid Squad Serving the Community for Over 60 Years

Despite all our wonderful technology, it seems everyone is busier today than ever. That’s what makes what the volunteers at the Cranford First Aid Squad do, even more remarkable. Saving lives, helping the sick and injured is something the squad does 365 days a year. Cranford Radio spoke with three members of the organization, President Kruti Brahmbhatt, Treasurer Daniel Gomez and 2nd Lt. Kailyn Grant, to learn more about what the squad does and how Cranford citizens and business can help.

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Daniel Gomez, Kailyn Grant, Kruti Brahmbhatt


The Circus Comes to Cranford

Thursday through Saturday Cranford plays host to the Zerbini Family Circus. There are two performances each day at 5:15 and 7:30 pm at Hillside Avenue School. The circus has been sponsored by the Cranford Chamber of Commerce for a number of years.

Information on tickets can be found on the poster below.

Margaret Valencia is part of the circus and she spoke with Cranford Radio.

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Margaret Valencia

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