Celebration Singers Presenting Holiday Concerts This Weekend

Friday and Saturday nights (December 16 & 17) at 8, the Celebration Singers will be presenting their Hope for the Season concert at St. Michael’s Church in Cranford. 

As a rehearsal was underway this week, I had an opportunity to sit down with the director, Louise Chernosky, as well as two members, Cindy Higgins and Holly Gessner, to chat about this weekend’s performance and about the Celebration Singers.

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Cranford’s UPS Store Offers Tips for Holiday Shipping

Santa isn’t the only one delivering at this time of year. The UPS Store at 16 South Avenue West is lending a hand by not only shipping gifts and more, but by helping you pack those items so they arrive safely.

To help you prepare for whatever shipments you might be making, Cranford Radio spoke with Jackie Reese, the manager of Cranford’s UPS Store and her assistant, Beatrice Beard.

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Jackie Reese and Beatrice Beard

Cranford Resident Harry Dworchak Has Made His Mark in Opera

Harry Dworchak has sung in many of the greatest opera houses in the world and with some of the finest singers. After living in places as diverse as Barcelona, Philadelphia and New York, he’s settled in Cranford.

A 1986 New York Time review of his performance with the New York City Opera called his bass voice one of the finest to be heard in New York at the time. A year later he was given the prestigious Richard Tucker Award

On this week’s podcast we talk about what led him to become an opera singer, some of the unique challenges of performing opera and about his role as a teacher.

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Harry Dworchak