Cranford Radio Headlines for Week of January 31

Membership fees at the Cranford Pool are expected to increase and kudos go out to students at Cranford High. More on those stories along with the weekend forecast, events and varsity sports in this week’s Cranford Radio headlines.

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NJ Transit’s Customer Advocate Looks to Improve Communications Between Agency and Its Riders

Being in the middle can sometimes be a tough place. Stewart Mader’s job finds him talking to NJ Transit customers about how the agency operates and explaining what goes on behind the scenes. It also has him taking customers’ ideas and concerns to top management. Mader serves as the Chief Customer Experience Officer and Customer Advocate for the statewide organization. He talked with Bernie Wagenblast about what his job involves and what he’s learned since joining NJ Transit in April 2019.

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Stewart Mader

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Cranford Honorary PBA Has Police Officers’ Backs

The Cranford Police Department is there to respond to all sorts of emergencies but who is there to help the police officers when they need assistance? One group that stands at the ready is the Cranford Honorary PBA Local 52. The group was created by retired CPD police officer Paul Cymbaluk, who serves as the organization’s president. He spoke with Cranford Radio to tell us about the organization.

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Cranford Honorary PBA

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Paul Cymbaluk