Cranford YarnStormers Bring Beauty and Color to Cranford

You’ve likely seen their work as you travel around town. It might be at the gazebo in February or in front of the Cranford Public Library. I’m talking about the knit and crocheted public art that the Cranford YarnStormers install.

Teresa Murray is the founder and yarn boss for the YarnStormers and she tells us about how the group came about and how they do their work. While they get permission to decorate public spaces they want their projects to be a surprise.

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YarnStormers Instagram page

Teresa Murray

Cranford Greenway Will Take You from Maine to Florida

With spring here outdoor activities are on the increase. On any sunny weekend day you’ll find the walking path through Nomahegan Park crowded with folks getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Did you know that if you continued north on the pathway, you’d eventually end up at the Canadian border and if you continued south your final destination would be Key West? The East Coast Greenway connects urban areas along the Atlantic coast. Dennis Markatos-Soriano is the executive director of the East Coast Greenway Alliance and he’s my guest on this week’s Cranford Radio podcast.

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Dennis Markatos-Soriano 

Music Group BreakTime Features Cranford Musician

The members of BreakTime have been performing together a little over a year but they’ve already released one EP with a second on the way. The four member group features Cranford resident and Cranford High School grad Peter Roefaro (Peter Matthew) on drums.

Cranford Radio sat down with the group to learn a bit more about their music, how they came together and what they hope to accomplish. We also learned from Peter how the CHS marching band played a big role in his musical life and the role of jazz in not just BreakTime but other areas, as well.

As a side note, BreakTime will be performing Saturday, April 1 at the Halfway to Cranstock event at the Cranford Elks Lodge.

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Links to BreakTime’s music and more

Peter Roefaro, Douglas Lupo, Thommy Delaney, Sean Manuel (left to right)

Cranford Entrepreneur Owns Two Downtown Cranford Businesses

Cori Ardente grew up in Cranford so when she wanted to open a business Downtown Cranford was a natural choice. Not only did she open ANTHEM style + gift, but in 2020 she opened a second store, Max & Luna.

In this week’s episode you’ll hear Cori describe her first retail experience, why she decided to take the leap into opening a second store, and who Max and Luna are.

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Cori Ardente and son Max

Cranford Mayor Brian Andrews

Under Cranford’s form of government, the chairperson of the township committee is selected by the township commissioners. At the January reorganization meeting, they unanimously approved Brian Andrews to serve as mayor.

As I’ve done with a variety of elected officials over the years, I did a “getting to know you” interview with Brian to learn about his background and what prompted him to run for elective office. 

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Brian Andrews