Marketspace Vendor Events: Bringing Makers, Venues and Customers Together

While there have always been independent businesspeople who create unique products, it’s sometimes been difficult for them to connect with potential customers. A Cranford-based company, Marketspace Vendor Events, not only helps to bridge that gap, it also finds fun venues for both to come together. Kim and Kevin Kraemer join Cranford Radio this week to talk about their business and how it came to be.

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Kim & Kevin Kraemer

Ghosts from Cranford’s Past Visiting October 1st

Meet some personalities from Cranford’s past next month when the Haunted Cranford History Tour takes place downtown. This is a rare opportunity because all of these visitors departed this earthly realm long ago.

The woman responsible for gathering this cast of ghostly characters is Jane McLaughlin, the owner of Haunted History Productions. She’s been organizing these tours for 14 years and this will be the first time the event is held in town. We talk about what visitors will see and how she brings the spirits back to life.

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Jane McLaughlin

Former Cranford Resident Looks at Ethics From a Police Perspective

Robert D’Ambola worked as a cop for 28 years in Summit. He later served on the Cranford Township Committee. During much of this time he also was an instructor at the Union County Police Academy and taught recruits about ethics. In his latest book, The True Test Is When No One Sees, D’Ambola gives numerous real-life examples of ethical quandaries that law enforcement officers, and others, faced. In this week’s podcast we talk about his experiences in police work and how the book came to be.

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Robert D’Ambola

Cranford Local

A new Cranford media outlet made its debut this year. Cranford Local is a monthly magazine mailed to all Cranford homes and it features stories about Cranford businesses and families. Shawn McDonald is the editor and she spoke with Cranford Radio about the publication. She also gives her perspective on the newest generation of journalists that she’s teaching in her full-time job as a journalism educator at Westfield High School as well as her role as an advisor to the student publications, including the school newspaper, Hi’s Eye.

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Shawn McDonald

Project Home of Cranford Helping Those With a Housing Crisis

Health problems, a job loss, a death; just a few of the ways someone can suffer a financial emergency.  When these events result in difficulties paying rent or a mortgage, Project Home of Cranford can help. In this week’s episode we talk with Lisa Orrico, the president of Project Home and Maggie Feeney, the vice president to learn how the organization can help and how they work with Cranford Family Care to help those in need.

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Lisa Orrico (left) and Maggie Feeney (right)