Cranford Office of Emergency Management Offers Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

In less than 12 hours Cranford will be going from spring-like weather to a big winter storm. The National Weather Service is predicting six to ten inches of snow for the Cranford area. The Cranford Office of Emergency Management has put together these tips in advance of the storm.

Listen to tips


One thought on “Cranford Office of Emergency Management Offers Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

  1. Listening to your Travellers Info Station on 680 khz (AM), I have noticed that you are faced with the same quandary we have encountered with our North Plainfield station on 1630 khz. (AM) It’s the absence of NOAA weather radio, normally available to our stations from their NYC station, KWO35 on 162.55 mhz. It’s been shut down since November 2017 when they lost their lease on their transmitter site. (How does that happen to a federally authorised and operated entity?) When you bring up their signal, you get white noise unless an occasional temperature inversion is bringing in a weather signal from Lewes, DE. I have had to change the copy and line-up of our station’s messages to omit any reference to NOAA. I then read the weather myself, normally changing and updating it twice daily to reflect local conditions. I read forecasts from NOAA and the WX Channel into our station interspersed with appropriate community announcements. Until KWO35 returns, you may wish to do similarly – at least eliminating reference to NOAA, since it simply ain’t there. Whether or not you want to become your own “Al Sleet” is up to you! Best to Bernie!

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