Unique Cranford Business Opens Its Doors

These days most of us are more aware of how our actions can impact the planet. One area this is especially true is when it comes to the products we buy. Even though we may dutifully toss our used plastic containers in the recycling bin, 2018 data from the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that less than nine percent of plastics are recycled.

One solution is to reuse the containers which hold some of the products we buy. Labo Refillery opened at 11 Walnut Avenue on April 22, Earth Day, and they allow you to refill containers with a variety of products, such as soaps and lotions, that you can use again and again.

Cranford Radio spoke with the co-owners of the store, Joseph Fule and Meliza Veneracion-Fule to learn more about the business.

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Joseph Fule and Meliza Veneracion-Fule

Lisa Carbone: Cranford Business Owner & Board of Education Vice President

I don’t believe we have any millinery shops in Cranford, but if we did this week’s guest would probably keep them busy with all the hats she wears. Lisa Carbone co-owns TimberRidge Construction with her husband Anthony. She also runs Loft Homes and is in her eighth year serving on the Cranford Board of Education, currently as vice president.

We chat about each of those roles as well as learning a bit more about her background and what she did before taking on those responsibilities.

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Lisa Carbone

Cranford Police Department Marks 125th Anniversary

Just as the township concluded its 150th anniversary, the Cranford Police Department started to celebrate its 125th year. From the humble beginnings of the volunteer Cranford Thief Detecting Society to today’s professional force, there have been great changes.

In this episode we’re joined by Bob Segear, a retired police officer who served from 1974 to 2004, and Lieutenant Matthew Nazzaro. Bob discusses how the department evolved and Matt talks about what the CPD is doing in 2022 to mark the milestone.

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Link to 125th anniversary brick purchase

Lt. Matthew Nazzaro
Bob Segear

Cranford Unity Project Working to Make Town More Equitable and Inclusive

In 2020 a group of Cranford women came together to create the Cranford Unity Project. In the short time CUP has been in existence, they have taken on a number of projects to educate, advocate and support People of Color, LGBTQ+, religious and other marginalized groups through the community. 

On this week’s episode we speak with CUP members Sanjeevanee Vidwans, Karen Bennett and Patricia MacLean.

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Karen Bennett
Patricia MacLean
Sanjeevanee Vidwans

Danny Ghanime, Owner of Brighton Air Corp., Talks Learning a Trade

Historically, learning a trade was what most people did after their school years were finished. In more recent times, especially in towns such as Cranford, there’s been more of an emphasis on attending college after high school graduation.

Danny Ghanime owns Brighton Air Corp. in Cranford and he’s seen first hand not only what you can do with a trade but the tremendous need for people in the trades. In this episode of Cranford Radio he talks about some of the advantages of learning a trade and why he worked with the Cranford Jaycees to offer a scholarship to trade schools for Cranford graduates. 

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Danny Ghanime

Meet Assemblywoman Michele Matsikoudis

Reviving a previous feature of Cranford Radio in which we interview elected officials who represent Cranford, I speak with 21st District Assemblywoman Michele Matsikoudis (R). She was elected to the seat in November and most recently served as a councilwoman in New Providence.

In this week’s discussion, we talk about her life, why she decided to run for public office, and some of the issues most important to her. 

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Michele Matsikoudis

Cranford Mayor Kathleen Miller Prunty Discusses Pools and Flooding

In a joint venture between TV 35 and Cranford Radio, Mayor Kathleen Miller Prunty discusses two pressing issues facing town, the municipal pools and flooding.  

In the first episode of In Focus since before the pandemic, we take the time to get in-depth on these two topics. This is expected to be the first of a number of In Focus shows where we have the opportunity to dig deeper on issues of concern to township residents.

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Kathleen Miller Prunty

Chris Hoffman and the Cranford Schools Friends of the Performing Arts

Singers, actors, instrumentalists are all part of the performing arts in the Cranford school system. Cranford High has a well-deserved reputation for turning out exceptional artists in all three arenas. Doing so takes money, sometimes more than is available in the budget. The Cranford Schools Friends of the Performing Arts was created to step into that gap and by supporting the performing arts in other ways.

Today on Cranford Radio I speak with Chris Hoffman, a board member for the organization. She tells us a bit about the group and some of their upcoming events, including the Cranford Film Festival.

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Chris Hoffman and friend

Garden State Film Festival Returns to Cranford Theater

For the second straight year the Cranford Theater will serve as one of the hosts of the Garden State Film Festival. The festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and features movies from filmmakers from around the world both in person and virtually. Cranford’s nights in the spotlight will be Wednesday, March 23rd and Saturday, March 26th.

Joining us on Cranford Radio to talk about the film festival are Doreen Sayegh, owner of the Cranford Theater; Lauren Concar Sheehy, the GSFF executive director and Diane Raver, the founder and treasurer of the GSFF.

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Doreen Sayegh
Lauren Concar Sheehy
Diane Raver

A Chorus Line Comes to Cranford Dramatic Club Stage

Two years ago, just as everything was shutting down at the start of the pandemic, the Cranford Dramatic Club was finalizing preparations for its spring musical, A Chorus Line. The show was too good to skip so here, in 2022, it’s back. Six cast members, along with the director and producer, came together to talk about the show and why they all are looking forward to staging it.
Joining us for the podcast are Michael Kidney, the director and choreographer, Sean Lough (Zach), Nicole Boscarino (Cassie), Kylie Francis (Maggie), Nick Halecki (Bobby), Tyler Talmage (Al), Gail Cevallos (Judy) and the producer, Joe Leo.

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