Cranford Radio Headlines for the Week of August 20

A reminder of health rules for the reopening of schools has been issued and Cranford residents are asked to look for an invasive insect. Hear more on those stories and check out events in the week ahead as well as the forecast which includes the possibility of tropical storm conditions in this week’s Cranford Radio headlines.

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The Hispanic Theater Festival Presents La Casita Feliz at Cranford Dramatic Club

After missing a year due to COVID, the Hispanic Theater Festival returns to the Cranford Dramatic Club this year with a production of La Casita Feliz. The comedy, which is all in Spanish, features several Cranford performers. 

Cranford Radio spoke with the the director, Joel Redmount, and Patricia MacLean, a Cranford resident who is mother of two of the play’s actors, to learn a bit more about the show.

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Cast of La Casita Feliz Front Row L-R: Aryana Nautiyal MacLean; Miriam Serna; Back Row L-R: Claudia Tinageros; Robert Asencio; Nikhil Nautiyal MacLean; Millie Cortes; Valentina Zubrinic