Cranford House Has Been Home to Just Three Families Since 1890s

There are a number of homes standing in Cranford that were built in the 1800s but it’s unusual for so old a home to have been owned by only three families over all those years. The home at 203 Holly Street, at the corner of Alden Street, is such a house.
It was built by Santiago Porcella and one of his grandsons, Robert Sherman Morley, CHS Class of ’49, grew up in the home. In November, relatives of Robert came back to Cranford to visit the home of their ancestors. Judy Hutchins, one of Robert’s nieces, lived in the house and she, along with current owner, Terri Hunsinger, sat down in the dining room of the home to talk about about the history of the house.

Terri Hunsinger and Judy Hutchins


Robert Sherman Morley


203 Holly Street