Cranford Monthly Debuts


Look in your mailbox for Cranford’s newest publication, Cranford Monthly.  The newspaper, published by Renna Media, published its premier issue this month and Joe Renna talked to Cranford Radio about the hyper-local paper.

Joe Renna Talks About Cranford Monthly


Joe Renna


Cranford Residents Publish Book on Elizabeth’s Peterstown Section

Every family who lives in Cranford moved to town at some point.  For most of us, our connections with where we came from fade over time, but a Cranford couple have made it a point to keep those connections strong.  Joe and Tina Renna have published The Peterstown Book.  It chronicles the people and events that made this Elizabeth neighborhood special.  Joe Renna talked with Cranford Radio about the book and his experiences growing up in Peterstown.

Listen to interview with Joe Renna

The book can be ordered here.

Joe & Tina Renna

The Peterstown Book