Interview with Cranford Township Commissioner Jean-Albert Maisonneuve

Jean-Albert Maisonneuve has served on the Cranford Township Committee since January 2018. Like each of the members of the committee he brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the position. Maisonneuve spoke with Cranford Radio to talk about both his background and what he hopes to accomplish during his time as an elected official.

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Jean-Albert Maisonneuve

Cranford Mayor Andis Kalnins Looks at Year Ahead

The annual township committee reorganization meeting was held January 1. A number of appointments were made and among the most significant were the unanimous selection of Andis Kalnins to serve a second consecutive term as mayor and Lisa Adubato to continue as deputy mayor. After the meeting ended, I spoke with Mayor Kalnins about the year just past and the year ahead.

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Mayor Andis Kalnins