Cranford Radio Headlines for Weekend of January 26

The Cranford Township Committee has made changes to the North Avenue Redevelopment Study concerning the properties that are a part of the study and the use of eminent domain.

The Trinitas School of Nursing held their graduation ceremony in Cranford on Sunday and the Knights of Columbus have made a donation to the Cranford Municipal Alliance.

Lots of sports action taking place at both CHS and Union County College and the weekend’s looking warmer.

You’ll hear details on these stories and weekend events in this week’s Cranford Radio headlines.

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Cranford Municipal Alliance: 21 Means 21

You’ve probably seen the signs around town, 21 Means 21. They’re part of an effort by a group of volunteers and organizations called the Cranford Municipal Alliance. It’s their goal to fight alcohol use by minors through educational efforts for children, teens and their parents.

Bill Ilaria serves as the chairman of the alliance and he spoke with Cranford Radio to talk about the organization’s work.

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Bill Ilaria


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