Sunny Acres and Dental Office Recognized with Historic Preservation Awards

The Sunny Acres Civic and Improvement Association and 120 Walnut Avenue were recognized Sunday afternoon with 2018 Cranford Historic Preservation Awards by the Cranford Historical Society and the Cranford Historic Preservation Advisory Board in a ceremony at the Hanson House. Sunny Acres is the first association recognized in the seven years of the award. The building at 120 Walnut Avenue is home of the dental practice of Dr. Thomas Pijanowski.

Cranford Radio spoke with Maureen Strazdon, the chair of HPAB and Carole Esposito, president of the Sunny Acres Civic and Improvement Association, about the award.

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Carole Esposito and Maureen Strazdon

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120 Walnut Avenue


Cranford Historical Society Celebrates 90th Anniversary

When the Cranford Historical Society was formed in 1927, Cranford had only been in existence 56 years as a township. A group of forward-thinking individuals, though, saw much more history in the community’s future and today what they started is still going strong. Cranford Radio met with four members of the organization, Gail Alterman, Vic Bary, Christine Glazer and Patricia Pavlak to learn a bit about the history of an organization that’s all about history.

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