Music Group BreakTime Features Cranford Musician

The members of BreakTime have been performing together a little over a year but they’ve already released one EP with a second on the way. The four member group features Cranford resident and Cranford High School grad Peter Roefaro (Peter Matthew) on drums.

Cranford Radio sat down with the group to learn a bit more about their music, how they came together and what they hope to accomplish. We also learned from Peter how the CHS marching band played a big role in his musical life and the role of jazz in not just BreakTime but other areas, as well.

As a side note, BreakTime will be performing Saturday, April 1 at the Halfway to Cranstock event at the Cranford Elks Lodge.

Listen to Cranford Radio podcast

Links to BreakTime’s music and more

Peter Roefaro, Douglas Lupo, Thommy Delaney, Sean Manuel (left to right)

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