Cranford’s Equity and Inclusivity Initiative Releases Community Survey

Following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, the Cranford community created the Equity and Inclusivity Initiative to examine what needed to be done to make the town welcoming to everyone. Leaders of the project include a wide range of community members, including representatives from the township committee,  public schools, clergy, police and citizens. Meetings, which were open to all members of the public, developed mission, value, vision and goal statements, an action plan and a strategic plan.

On January 9 a survey was released seeking feedback from all stakeholders. Cranford Radio spoke with several leaders of the initiative to learn more about their work and the purposes of the survey. Guests on the episode are Police Chief Ryan Greco, Sherry Williams, Rev. Alfred Brown of the First Baptist Church, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Rubin, Dr. Christopher Chapman of the Roselle Chapter of the NAACP and Township Committee member Kathleen Miller Prunty.

Listen to podcast

Top row (left to right): Chief Ryan Greco, Bernie Wagenblast, Sherry Williams; second row: Rev. Alfred Brown, Dr. Scott Rubin, Dr. Christopher Chapman; bottom row: Commissioner Kathleen Miller Prunty

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