Bernie Wagenblast: A Reintroduction

In this Cranford Radio episode the tables are turned and instead of being the interviewer, Bernie becomes the interviewee. She discusses her recent announcement that she has transitioned to living as a woman and in general about being transgender. Interviewing Bernie are five members of the Cranford Unity Project; Sanjeevanee Vidwans, Patricia MacLean, Jill Wohrle, Karen Bennett, and Jo Ann Boyle.

Listen to Cranford Radio podcast

Top row (left to right): Karen Bennett, Bernie Wagenblast, Jo Ann Boyle; Bottom row: Sanjeevanee Vidwans, Jill Wohrle, Patricia MacLean

2 thoughts on “Bernie Wagenblast: A Reintroduction

  1. Wonderful and fascinating interview. Bernie, thanks so much for being so open. I’m sure it’s a true teaching moment for many.

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