Unique Cranford Business Opens Its Doors

These days most of us are more aware of how our actions can impact the planet. One area this is especially true is when it comes to the products we buy. Even though we may dutifully toss our used plastic containers in the recycling bin, 2018 data from the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that less than nine percent of plastics are recycled.

One solution is to reuse the containers which hold some of the products we buy. Labo Refillery opened at 11 Walnut Avenue on April 22, Earth Day, and they allow you to refill containers with a variety of products, such as soaps and lotions, that you can use again and again.

Cranford Radio spoke with the co-owners of the store, Joseph Fule and Meliza Veneracion-Fule to learn more about the business.

Listen to podcast

Joseph Fule and Meliza Veneracion-Fule

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