College Women’s Club of Cranford: Helping Cranford Students for Nearly 90 Years

In 1932, the year the College Women’s Club of Cranford was formed, tuition, books, room and board at the University of Pennsylvania was a little over $1,000 a year. Costs this year at the Ivy League school are over $65,000. Scholarships from the CWC have helped students pay for rising college costs. Cranford Radio spoke with four members of the club; President Janet Collins, Vice President Vicki Goralski, Sandy Held and Elaine Romano, to learn about the CWC. We also talked about the upcoming Scholar Tea, which is being held the afternoon of March 24 in Bates Hall at the First Presbyterian Church.

Listen to interview


Janet Collins, Vicki Goralski, Elaine Romano, Sandy Held


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