Cranford Chamber Member Profile: Kick Glass Art Studio

Craft stores have supplies for a variety of projects. Most can be done at home. But for something a bit more imaginative and elaborate you need tools you likely won’t find in your basement. Kick Glass Art Studio at 536 South Avenue East is coming up on their first anniversary in Cranford and they not only will teach you how to work with many different types of glass, but they supply the materials, tools and kilns that make beautiful projects possible. Sheila Hughes and Donna Slevin are the co-owners of Kick Glass and in this Cranford Area Chamber of Commerce member profile they told Cranford Radio about what beginners and more experienced glass workers can do. They also discussed some of the other aspects of the business such as their gallery, restoration work and commissions.

Listen to interview

Ribbon 1

Sheila Hughes & Donna Slevin

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.37.08 PM


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