Cranford Historic Preservation Advisory Board

A stroll around town gives you an idea of the wealth of beautiful homes and architecture we have in Cranford.  To help maintain all we have and to develop a deeper appreciation for that history, the Cranford Historic Preservation Advisory Board was created.  Two of the members are Maureen Strazdon and Vic Bary and they provided some background on the board and reviewed some of the highlights of the past year.

More about the Cranford Historic Preservation Advisory Board


Dedication of Roosevelt School fireplace in the Community Center
Left to right: Ed O’Malley (2013 Township Liaison), Maureen McDougall, Alice Bellante, Teresa Montani, Carolyn Youngs. Vic Bary, Maureen Strazdon, Bill King, Ron Meeks and Loretta Smith. Not pictured are Myron Borden, Kinney Clark, Matt Cohen, Lori Hoffner and Michael Mason.


The Artist Framer

New Jersey Property Tax Records


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