Cranford Monthly Debuts


Look in your mailbox for Cranford’s newest publication, Cranford Monthly.  The newspaper, published by Renna Media, published its premier issue this month and Joe Renna talked to Cranford Radio about the hyper-local paper.

Joe Renna Talks About Cranford Monthly


Joe Renna


2 thoughts on “Cranford Monthly Debuts

  1. Hi There- I am not sure if the Cranford Monthly is a new paper or if it is mostly advertising. The town of Cranford is currently making HUGE news with the demolition and rebuilding of Dreyer Farm which has been a Cranford landmark for over 100 years.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Cranford Monthly is a new paper; it started in January. It’s distributed free so there’s a fair amount of advertising to support it. I think you’ll find a good amount of news about community groups in its pages.

      I plan to do a story about Dreyer Farms on Cranford Radio but I think I’ll wait until we get a little closer to the opening.

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